The best one yet

I suppose I really should write a blog post on the last day of the year. As usual, I only have things to be grateful for and as wonderful as 2015 has been I can’t wait for 2016! B and I have our big birthdays (50 and 40 respectively) and for mine we’re off to New York – my favourite city, second to London of course. We’re also getting married in the spring and are busy looking at venues. In the summer we’re off to Sweden with Monkey and hopefully with B’s sons too, and over Christmas next year it’ll be New Zealand with all three boys. In there somewhere I’m going away with my old Swedish BFFs as they’re turning 40 next year too and we’re planning a European city break. And Monkey is heading to Sweden on his own for a week possibly during his Easter break.

To sum up 2015, I can only say that it’s been brilliant! So many good things keep happening to me and they’re only getting more plentiful by the minute. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So roll on 2016, I know it’ll be the best one yet, just like I’ve felt about every single year before it!

31 dec 2015 happiness


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