Delicious realities and Zara handbags

Friday! I’m so ready for the weekend and know it’ll be a great one. It’s a beautiful day here in London, a crisp chill in the air and glorious sunshine, so I’m looking forward to my walk home in a little bit. Have been a super efficient work machine all day, so have got everything on top of my list out of the way – a whole bunch of to-dos transformed into ta-daahs! I was in early as usual so stealing a few moments to blog doesn’t seem like an unforgivable crime. I work for the best people in the world (seriously – they’re so wonderful I’d want them to be my BFFs if I didn’t get to have them in my life work wise but perhaps with time they’ll become friends too – I do hope so because I genuinely really like them), so the last thing I’d want to do is take the piss. Oh, did I not mention? I get to sit here in a Grade II listed home – beautiful – and do a varied and fun job, lovely employers to boot. Even when there are things I should have thought of they say it’s THEIR fault. I feebly correct them, or try to, in those moments but perhaps they are just too nice to find fault even in messy me? And there’s lovely coffee on tap from a fancy coffee machine. Ticks all the boxes along with a few additional ones. I think the only way to improve this would be a fancy Sauvignon Blanc machine and a private office at Graceland. Hm… Maybe not even Graceland, given the King passed on many years ago. Hah! Smug, me? Oh yes, you bet I am.


Monkey is unfortunately with his dad for a week now, which always sucks and even after nine years of this I can’t stand being away from him, no matter how much I try to focus on the fact that this is best for him. Oh well, he’ll have fun with his dad, stepmum and their dogs I’m sure. B and I are today – as always on the 4th of each month – celebrating our monthly anniversary and so it’s date night. Let’s see…. Today it’s 33 months since I first laid eyes on the delicacy that is B at the Bell & Crown on Tuesday 4th of June 2013. Gosh, in just three months three YEARS will have passed since that first, gorgeous moment.

That evening is still so clear in my memory that I can recall every little detail. I remember exactly what I was wearing – torn blue jeans, a white oversized shirt, Superga sneakers, my huge Zara handbag (my favourite one!) and my hair in a ponytail. Can’t say I’d made much of an effort, and perhaps that’s why I remember it all like that. The moment I saw B, I immediately cursed under my breath for not dolling up better than that, because suddenly there was this unbelievably gorgeous man and I looked, well, not so gorgeous. I remember the exact spot where he stood, and the suit he wore (his grey one), light blue shirt and black shoes. Those amazing, huge, blue eyes of his met mine and I could feel my cheeks go hot. He gave a little smile, took a couple of steps towards me, placed his hands on my shoulders and gave me a kiss on the cheek, looming down from above.

I think it took me several minutes before I could breathe normally again.

I also remember where we sat inside, and the spot on the wall outside that we relocated to. I kept thinking how out of my league this beautiful, charming, smart and witty man was, and how he must be staying for more than one drink just to be polite. The sort of chick you’d expect to see on his arm would be something along the lines of Cameron Diaz, so in my head I’d already ruled everything out and just enjoyed his company for what I assumed would just be this one time. Several hours passed and suddenly it was closing time. The wonderful B offered to walk me home and again I just assumed he was just being polite and the perfect gentleman, so I declined and we said goodnight by his car half way back en route to my place.

But then suddenly his hands were again on my shoulders and first I offered my cheek thinking that was what was coming. His hand gently went to my chin so I was facing him and then he kissed me. I hate myself for saying it, but I honestly thought it was him being a nice bloke and more of a friendly kiss almost, because how could someone like THAT possibly fancy lil’ ol’ messy ME?

Turns out he did and over the next few days and weeks I fell in love like I never had before and had never thought possible with the man who is my soul mate, best friend, partner in crime, lover, stepfather to my son, confidante and my future husband. If I weren’t the person this is all happening to, I’d dismiss it as a fairytale. Because it is, only it’s deliciously, dizzyingly real.


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