Greenery and Excel sheets

What a glorious morning! It’s been one of those when no matter how tired you are when the alarm goes off, once you open the curtains a little and see bright blue skies and budding cherry tree branches right outside, you can’t possibly feel anything other than full of life and euphoria. I always walk a lot, but this morning I took the longer route along the river bank, soaking up the beauty around me and thanking my lucky star for placing me in this very spot on the planet, in this moment, in this life that I have. Sometimes I even make myself feel nauseous at my almost obnoxious love for what I have and get to experience. Might not be all that much to anyone else, but I genuinely feel I am so ridiculously blessed it’s almost sickening.

We’re in full swing purchasing (or trying to purchase) our first home together and poor B has spent more time wangling with mortgage brokers and solicitors this week than he’s been able to work. Endless paperwork, endless questions, endless copies or this, that,.the other. Think the only thing no one’s asked for yet is my goddamn bra size. Oh well, hopefully this burst of migraine inducing faff will pass and once all is agreed with the bank, we can just get on to planning the fun stuff. That’s really the part I’m looking forward to, partly because I love lists – ooohhhhhh I feel a big and over complicated Excel sheet coming on!

Well. I did enjoy all the viewings, and we viewed a fair few properties of varying standard. Anything from a worn down and quite frankly AWFUL ex-council flat the agent described as “delightful” (the clue was really in the word “ex-council”, but filled with optimism we had a look anyway and at least it made us realise what we DON’T want!) to the sweetest little Victorian cottage on the sweetest little road. The latter was unfortunately £50k or so over our absolute max, but the one we ended up falling in love with showed us this is how it was meant to be.

Our new home – so long as all goes right – is very much like where we live now. Identical building, identical huge shared garden, identical size. Its 80 square metres give us just as much space as we have now, with the difference that it’s newly refurbished with gorgeous wooden flooring and flawless walls, new kitchen and bathroom and all brand spanking new. It doesn’t have a dining area but the lounge is big enough to have a dining table along with everything else, the kitchen is bigger, so is the bathroom and both bedrooms are huge. Gah! It can’t get much better and this is turning into a nail biting exercise as I don’t like ‘maybes’ or ‘ifs’ and just want it all signed, sealed and us delivered into it. I don’t do pessimism though, so I have of course already imagined a thousand times over how wonderful our already wonderful existence will be living there.

Not Chiswick, as our budget would only achieve the aforementioned kind of ex-council dump, so we’re heading further out south west into Teddington, a beautiful pocket of leafy Richmond and we will have Bushy Park just around the corner – cross the road and head down a path roughly 300 metres and you’re there! Just like I’ve imagined life and how happy we’ll be there, I’ve also already got countless images of what those early morning or early evening runs will be amongst greenery and deer.

OK, Anna, time to come back down from cloud nine and try to patiently wait in this odd thing called reality until such time I am in a better position to count all my kick-ass chickens. So nearly time to head off into another brilliant weekend with my BFF B, possibly starting with drinks on the south bank after dropping Monkey with his dad. And as always, I cannot wait, despite being Monkey-less (always sucky but I try to focus on the numerous good things and I normally survive). Hm… I do need to do a bit of work first though…. Best get on it.

To life!


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