Rockabilly and the 65

Surprisingly, I didn’t find it as hard as I thought I would to go to sleep last night, nor did I have nightmares following the encounter with Crazy Eyes in Pret yesterday morning. Feeling a lot calmer, but instead of walking all the way to Richmond town centre and hopping on a bus from there the rest of the way to work, I got on the trusty old 65 a few stops before, in Kew. Shame really, because once again it’s a beautiful, sunny morning and I was full of energy and could easily have walked all the way.

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed during walks or runs is listening to music on full blast. For whatever reason, this isn’t so much the case anymore. Don’t know if I simply need to overhaul my iTunes library and find some new influences to shake up this eclectic mix of anything from Alice in Chains to old school rockabilly and bluegrass via classical music and the occasional chart topper. Given my wide taste in music (don’t really dislike anything except improvisational jazz – eurgh!) I don’t know if that’s it though. Lately I’ve turned my attention to audio books, and I really like those especially as I don’t read anywhere near as much as I used to and this provides some much needed mental hygiene. Well, there’s sexy B in bed every evening so most of the time reading for a while is just something I do right before sleep. However, listening to an audio book is still something I’m getting used to, because when I’m walking that’s when my mind wanders and I clear my thoughts.

Or maybe this makes perfect sense in how I’ve over the past year or so have become really fed up with social media and the like, coming to crave peace and quiet. My walks now are accompanied by either a narrator or just the sights and sounds around me. That’s another problem with audio books – with sights and sounds during a walk, I find it harder to immerse myself in the imagery of the spoken word, making it more difficult to really take in the book and fully appreciate it. Someone swore by podcasts but I have yet to be hooked, perhaps I’ve just looked in the wrong places.

Ah well. In other news the writing is flowing and although I already have the backbone (and much else of the skeleton) I’ve found it really useful to flesh everything out using the Snowflake Method. For any writer, more here. I thought at first that this might be overkill as I have roughly 50% of the second draft nailed and I’m pretty clear on where I’m going with it, but it’s really helped me iron out some little kinks and things I needed to polish.

By the end of June, I’d like to have a full second draft – aiming for 100k words again and then chop into it again if I need to. Rather have too much than too little.


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