One ring to rule them all

What an amazing weekend! Foxy & Co invaded London and as predicted it’s been a very hectic weekend with lots of madness, plenty of laughter and some serious mischief. Foxy has been my bestie – as well as inspiration, role model and style icon – since ca 1989 when I first copied her lilac harem pants as well as her hair do, and the other three are equally wonderful, impressive, smart, witty and generally kick-ass awesome women. Just the kind you want to surround yourself with in the hope that perhaps SOME of their plentiful incredible qualities might just rub off on you, if only a tad.

B had no objections to sharing our home with another four Swedes and only seemed delighted at the usual chaos I create being multiplied by five. God bless his soul and the Queen’s too.

And so it was. As above, so below and the clip of B and Å wearing mullet wigs and rocking out to Paolo Nutini has me in stitches every single time, it’s just too good and only a fraction of the fun we’ve had over this brilliant weekend. Over the past three days we have walked nearly 40k, eaten gloriously delicious food, drunk heavenly Sauvignon Blanc, bought silver rings on Portobello Road, not quite sailed the seven seas but covered a fair bit of the Thames on a river boat from Kew Bridge to Westminster Pier (and got cold in the end) and thoroughly enjoyed each others’ company.

As I write, the Fabulous Four have just arrived at Gatwick where they will shortly board a plane back home across the North Sea. It was weird coming home, the weekend just gone somehow a hazy memory, but the tashes I found on the livingroom table told me it did happen for REAL! Those tashes seemed a little sad, somehow. A memory in the long line of so many others.

As much as this fantastic weekend passed much to quickly and it was sad to say goodbye, we have booked two weeks in Sweden at the end of July so a huge BBQ and party is already booked in and I know I’ll be back with my tribe soon. And I cannot wait.


Every time I spend time with them, and in particular my beloved Foxy (even though that BIATCH is always that tiiiiiiiny bit fitter and slimmer than I am – OK, not a tiny bit, it’s a WHOLE bit but still…), all I can do is thank the universe for sending the best people on the planet my way – I mean, just look at this bunch I’m blessed enough to be able to call my friends and family.

Seriously, I’ve just spent a weekend with four incredible women, each one so inspiring and worthy of admiration, and I admire them all I so much. And then the rest of the people I somehow got the pleasure and fortune of having in my life just because I’m so goddamn blessed. Not least B and Monkey, along with B’s two sons – the best of all!

Once again – is it really possible to be as fortunate as I am?!


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