Gluttony and patterns

Hmm…. Hard choice. Not keen on the idea of making this blog open to people I know beyond the handful who already pop in every so often – I did that with an old blog I had and suddenly I had to bite my tongue, something I don’t like and nor am I good at it. So this shall remain somewhat hidden from view and I will just have to rely on Facebook for regular updates on progress.

On what? OutRun September in support of Macmillan. I’m a keen runner and have set a pretty lazy target of 60 miles over the course of September. OK, perhaps not exactly lazy, but targets are meant to push you, are they not, and I currently run every other day between 5.5 and 8k. 60 miles equates to 96k, so to hit this if I stick with running every other day means 6.4k a pop. Hardly going to kill me, is it?

But setting a target that basically just points to what one currently does is a bit cowardly, no? It definitely is, but I will say this in my defence: I’m more for the sprint than I am for the marathon. Not that I’d ever want to run a marathon, that shit can’t be good for your body and I’m a runner because I love how it makes me feel, not to push my body within an inch of its life – I’ve done a half marathon before and intend to do another early next year, but a whole one? Nah, fuck that. What I mean is I’m good at getting things going, I am good at short bursts, I’m good at firing stuff up, but then.. ….I fizzle out.

Like the smoking – I’ve smoked on and off (but mostly on) since I was a teenager. I can quit easily and go from a couple of days to a couple of years without having one. It’s the STAYING QUIT that I seem to be rubbish at. And so with the running. It takes me less than a couple of weeks after a period of sloth and gluttony to work up to running 6-7k without having to stop and walk. But as with everything, something more exciting usually comes up (sometimes in the shape of wine and cigarettes) and then I break the pattern.

So this OutRun September is not just about doing something I’m used to doing or just bragging about something I know I can do with relative ease. Nor is it just about raising money and awareness for the great charity Macmillan Cancer Support. It’s also a way for me to stick with something. Sure, this is one month so that falls on its own illogic given it’s for a short burst, but along with all the good things it brings it’s my way of training my mind to keep all these good things up. The cigarettes are gone too since a few weeks back.

Given I ran yesterday, my first run to log for OutRun September will be tomorrow. I intend to do the 7.6k route in Bushy Park that B and I did Monday morning again. I will no doubt blog about OutRun September as I go, but I’m definitely not making this blog available to everyone I know via Facebook. Not that there are many people on there – I deleted my old account and set up a new one about two months ago, and now just have a handful of people as friends. A bit like in real life, really. And I like it that way.


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