Stages and clinching

So today is a pretty exciting day for several reasons – Monkey starting big school and a 5am text message from my brother D to say he and M are now at hospital with baby #4 about to make an appearance. Monkey was absolutely fine, of course. He always is. Just like when he started primary school and ran off into his classroom without as much as throwing me a glance, this morning he ran off with his gang of friends showing no fear of the unknown, only joyous excitement. As for M, she is a pro at this giving birth malarkey so although I’m sure it’s not easy squeezing out these massive babies she seems to have (the previous three have ranged between 4.1 and 4.9 kilos… …seriously, they come out like ready made toddlers!) she is a super hero and I know that whatever stage she is currently at she’ll be doing a great job. It’s just auntie Anna who’s a wimp and to be fair, thinking about M and where in proceedings they may be at, I’m actually clinching a bit.

Doing good on the running front too and feel all brave and cocky. 27.2k down, 68.8k to go. Except for a few obvious things that may involve B, running really is one of my absolute favourite things and has been since I first ran around Vassjön approximately 24 years ago and discovered how great it made me feel.

Right. Back to checking my phone for Nephew News every two minutes….. And perhaps do a bit of work too.


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