Comediennes and jumble sales

Perhaps it’s just me, but it seems the blogosphere has turned really dull. When I was actively writing on my old blog, 2004-2012ish, there were so many well written blogs I followed – blog authors who really put thought and effort into beautifully composed posts that were anything from profoundly touching or sad to laugh out loud hilarious or even provocative. When I check on a couple of blog portals now the most popular blogs largely consist of selfies, make-up and bikini bodies. I’m struggling to find anything of substance and I keep wondering if it was the dawn of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like that killed the blogs? Thoughts and debates seem to have given way to duck faces and flattering angles.

It makes me think of a mailing list I joined years back. Around 2009 I think it was. Long e-mail threads where the world was put to rights and I loved it. Then it all migrated to Facebook and the discussions seemed to disappear. So I got bored and left. Shame really. Perhaps I need to join some sort of debate group.

As for some of the interesting blogs I used to read, I’m now struggling to remember them – one was by Anna Lefler, an American stand-up comedienne and was brilliantly written. Looking it up just now it seems the last post is from 2013, sadly. Perhaps the talented Anna just moved elsewhere. Then there was Chrissie’s blog, let’s see…. Slightly more promising but nothing since August 2015. And I can’t see where she’s headed off to either. I can see she has self published and has links to a book I shall immediately check out and see if I can download – she’s a terrific writer so it’s bound to be good.

In other news the day started out well with glorious sunshine that has now disappeared and it’s getting really cold! I shipped a zonked Monkey to school and he was falling asleep in the car – he has a huge mouth ulcer at the moment that’s giving him grief and the last time he came up to go to the bathroom and put more Bonjela on it was almost 11pm. Poor little mite. A long day at school, rugby club immediately after and then the usual football game with friends until 7pm. Little munchkin is now with his dad again for a week and as usual I just want to head over to his school, get him and run away. Alas….

B has had a full on week, his new role as an executive board member means firing on all cylinders plus a few extra ones and as the whole world is now his region there will not just be more frequent travel but FAR AWAY TRAVEL too. Only this week he’s been first in Prague, then Stockholm, and in a couple of weeks he’ll be in Hong Kong for nearly two weeks. As wonderful as it is that he’s being recognised for being so brilliant, I’m not liking all the travel on lil’ bit… Only because I’m selfish of course and don’t particularly enjoy being without my honey even during the working day, never mind TWO DAMN WEEKS. We did talk about me going with him to Hong Kong, but it’s a long time to be off and with Monkey arrangements it does get pretty complicated. And two weeks without Monkey? Do I want to chop off my left arm or right arm? Ho hum.

So anyway, given this busy week, we’re going for a little weekend escape to the Chilterns, have booked a tiny little cottage in a tiny little village. Just an hour’s drive from Teddington but far enough to get away from London – maximum peace and quiet and relaxation without a huge effort to get there. Should be perfect and I can’t wait to make a fire and cosy up, then tomorrow hopefully the weather will be kind so we can go on a leisurely hike. Apparently there’s also a huge Sue Ryder jumble sale on, which might be fun. I’m not a second hand kinda gal when it comes to clothing (eow) but sometimes you can find really cool lamps, vases and other retro near-on antiques so I’m keen to have a look. I’m hoping it’ll be like the Old Cinema in Chiswick which is one of my absolute favourite antique stores, but who knows. I doubt the items at a  jumble sale are as carefully procured as the unique and beautiful pieces at the Old Cinema but it’ll be fun I’m sure and who knows, we may find some gems.

Well – all I need this weekend is lots of time with B. My beautiful, beautiful B.


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