Cakes and curves

It’s a breathtakingly beautiful – but insanely cold – day here in west London. Clear blue skies and frost adorning the lawns even though we are way into the day and it’s quite unusual to see frost beyond first thing in the morning in these parts. Of course, I grew up with tonnes of snow most winters back in Sweden, so I know to have a proper ice scrape handy. As I drove out of the driveway this morning I clocked one of the neighbours trying to get the ice off his windscreen using what appeared to be a credit card. I was going to stop and offer him the use of my lovely ice scrape, but he had already got into his car, clearly content that all he needed in order to drive safely was to be able to peer out through an area roughly the size of an A4 that was only partly clear at that.

One of the things B and I agreed we’d pin down by the time we were returning from Sweden after New Year’s, is our wedding. I am the antidote to all things wedding-y, I hasten to add. Not a wedding-dressy kinda gal, can’t stand being the centre of attention, not much for formalities and can’t stand a fuss. Nor do I like cake. Or speeches if I have to be delivering them or be the subject thereof. B isn’t keen on a big affair either so thankfully I won’t have to convince hubby-to-be that unless he wants to be deserted at the altar he’d better agree to low key shenanigans, he seems to be on board with the anti wedding approach.

So. Have started looking at venues. Well. One so far. Kingston Old Courts and the ceremony rooms are lovely, quite imposing as they are old court rooms (unsurprisingly). Saturday 3rd of June or the Sunday, which will be our four-year anniversary. We are having a simple civil ceremony with our three boys as our witnesses, no other guests. The oldest two are over 18 but Monkey can sign too, and I can’t think of anything more special than having our vows witnessed and made legal by the people we love the most as opposed to a couple of randoms. Then a wedding lunch at our favourite little restaurant where we had our second date, still just the five of us, and after that drinks for whoever wants to join us to celebrate at the pub by the river where we first met – a very laid back and informal affair, in other words. Like us.

We’ll be having a pre-wedding celebration when we’re in New Zealand in February, and then in July a big-ish party in Sweden. We’ll manage to cram anyone in who wants to celebrate with us, just the moment itself we are keeping for our little core of five. I can’t wait! Totally gonna marry the crap outta B!

Of course I do want the moments of this special day documented, especially as most part of our families are abroad plus no one but us will be at the ceremony regardless and I’d like to send them albums, so I advertised for a photographer via a Facebook page specific to people living in Teddington. What we want is again in line with who we are with people and the type of wedding we’re having – simple, laid back, informal, perhaps a little quirky. Unscripted, I’d say. Lo and behold, a Swedish photographer contacts me and her specialty is just that: observing non-posed, natural and spontaneous moments! Can’t believe my luck! I’m sure we’ll want a few posed ones, but I do love it when photographers manage to capture life uninterrupted, as the moment happens without the “say cheese”.

Making an appointment to select the wedding bands too and given my engagement ring is slightly curved, the wedding band for it has a curve, but my eternity which ring will sit on the other side does not as this was bought from a different jewellers and is a traditional straight band design. So I am hoping they’re able to make a small curve in that too. Jeez, can’t wait to have so much bling on my finger! It’s very blingy already, but I do enjoy a bit of glitter so more than happy to gather a little more for being such a good girl. B may differ, I suspect I probably fall into the Very Difficult category, but he still seems up for officially becoming Mr Anna so we’re all good.

So just writing this has be thinking about how lucky we are and just how sweet life is. How amazing our three boys are and how blessed B and I are in so many, many ways. So have just dropped him a line to see if he fancies an impromptu date night, just because. After all, we haven’t had a date night since… ..let’s see… ..oh, that’s right, Sunday! Yep, we are nauseating, I know….


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