Manolos and musicians

Well, it’s all happening now! Venue for the ceremony booked, deposit paid to the photographer and given we have friends, family and colleagues scattered all over the world with a large chunk of them right on the other side in New Zealand, we have started to notify people as June isn’t all that far away. Eeek…! It’s all getting very real now but even the idea of being the centre of attention as well as having to wear a dress isn’t making me feel the slightest bit nervous, just excited and full of joy. The plan was always to have two parties, and we are. Well, we are actually having three, given we will be celebrating ahead of our wedding when we are in New Zealand in just over a week’s time.

What I didn’t anticipate was feeling stressed out at all the planning. As far as weddings go, ours is most definitely on the more spartan side. Or so I thought. Suddenly we have not only ended up in a spot where we are hiring out two venues – one of which is on a mountain top – and booking catering and musicians, we now have over a hundred people on the guest list. I didn’t think through the keepsake leaflet with bios for each guest. I have written just short of 20. Oh, it’s nothing huge, just a short paragraph for each person – a couple of facts, half serious, half tongue-in-cheek. I’ve stolen the idea from my bestie who is our Wedding General/Maid of Honour/Toast Madam all rolled into one, but she fessed up she’d in turn stolen it so hey ho. And I did ask if it was OK, I’m not completely shameless.

So yes, a lot to sort out and nail down. I had some naive idea that it wouldn’t need to cost a fortune either but then again I’ve never had money sense so this was perhaps less of a surprise. Sweet fkn mother of all that is holy! All I wanted was a plain, long white dress, nothing over the top or poofy, yet the one I’m getting is eye wateringly expensive in my eyes. Sure, it’s a beautiful dress but it’s three times what I expected. Sauntered into the wedding dress shops in Teddington (there are two of them) and quickly walked out again as they all started at £CRAZY.00. I’m sorry, NOT gonna happen for something I’ll wear only the once. And then shoes but I’m sure I can find something south of £REASONABLE, the dress is floor length anyway so seems a waste. Although I do like the idea of getting a pair of bright red Manolo Blahniks, wouldn’t that be just glorious! But given I don’t have the cash to match my taste and the costs we’re already racking up at frightening speed, that’s a footwear brand I won’t be able to squeeze my big hobbit feet into any time soon.

And the rings. The goddamn rings! Another fortune and FOUR times what I had guessed. How? I mean, how? They’re plain wedding bands! OK so mine will be custom with a small curve to allow for the bling in my engagement ring and straight on the other to sit flush with my eternity ring but still. And B’s is the more expensive one. Then again it’s bigger and needs more of the precious metal. Well. I’m in shock. All of it is turning into something very big, very expensive and really rather complicated.

I’m on a roll now. The guest list! ARGH! So much of “if that one’s invited we have to invite that one too“! The 100+ people we currently have is the slimmed down list. In fact I put it on an extreme diet and the result is borderline anorexic. Callously chopped off aunties, uncles and cousins. My family is HUGE and they reproduce at break neck speed so they account for 16. B has 30-odd work friends. And then the frustrating process of working out who is invited to both parties (thankfully New Zealand is too far for anyone but the family there to go to!), who is only invited to the London do and who is only invited to the Sweden bash.

Nah, we’re getting there and it’s all positive and B is gradually learning not to question my methods as I grow horns and start breathing fire when he does. And I can’t wait to officially make him Mr Anna. Poor soul seems to think I will obey him, which is ever so adorable.

It’s going to be so much fun though and I can’t wait to celebrate with all these wonderful people we are fortunate enough to be able to call our friends and family. It’ll be a perfect day, I just know it. Two perfect days. It’ll be magical.


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