Freedom and sunshine

Here goes… My 12-son-to-be-13-yearold is for the second time this week given some of the freedom and independence he’s been craving. I said NO to hanging out at this huge shopping centre but have said (a very meek and frightened) yes to him catching two buses from Teddington to Chiswick to hang out there with some school mates for the day. His rules are to let me know where they intend to go, always be reachable on his mobile and to be home by 4pm so we have time for something to eat and get his football kit together for his football practice this evening.

Am I nervous? Truth be told, I’m not! I’m feeling quite calm about it, largely because I feel confident he won’t get in trouble as we are still very much in the show-me-I-can-trust-you stages, which means he is dead set on proving he is old enough and responsible enough to be allowed to do this.

Either way, it’s a big step for me, the over protective and neurotic mother.

So what will I get up to? It’s a beautiful day, sunny and warm, so a long walk in Bushy Park is on the menu. I still need to find a wedding dress but might wait until B is back from New York on Saturday. I haven’t done the Ocado shop so may do the big food shop this evening when Monkey is at football. Beyond this, no plans. Feeling full of energy, thanks to not at all fancying a glass of wine last night – poured one, but amazingly it didn’t do it for me so last night consisted of binge watching a tacky American reality show and nodding off on the sofa until B rang, after which I went to bed.

B is away with work, which happens more often now with his new role. Currently he’s in Danbury, Connecticut, but back in NYC this evening I believe. Missing him like crazy, like I always do and sleep terribly when he’s not there.

OK, I need to chill. Just rang Monkey, who is on the bus between Teddington and Richmond right now. I will stop myself now. I’ll text him in an hour or so. Christ, this having to let go a little isn’t something that I find easy, but despite being such a clingy mum, this is still good going for me.


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