Glitter and raccoons

And so the day is so very nearly upon us – two weeks and one day to go until B will no longer be my boyfriend/fiancé and instead morph into HUSBAND. That all seems so terribly grown up, but I guess at the tender young age of 41, I should be. The rings are sitting in their little box, the seven diamonds from my mother’s wedding band glittering in mine and the gold from both my parents’ rings reworked into ours. It cost an arm and a leg despite actually providing all the gold and diamonds – the setting of the stones being the real headache plus my band has a little curve in it to sit flush against my engagement ring – but we made a huge saving there compared with getting like for like new!

My dress is with the tailor’s to be taken up as apparently if you’re my size it means you’re also 7′ tall. Bought two pairs of shoes – I never wear heels partly because I’m more of a jeans and trainers kinda gal, and partly because I have hobbit feet. So one wedding-y pair and a glittery pair of wedges. I reckon I’ll just go with the wedges as opposed to faffing around with changing footwear half way through the evening. Plus, I’m sure I’ll have enough nervous energy to deal with on the day to add having to balance in very high heels too. Comfy wedges it is.

Hair and make-up booked too, and ended up having a second make-up “trial” as the first one had me looking like a raccoon. I don’t wear a huge amount of make-up and all the foundation made me look old and tired and the black around my eyes way too severe. Well, it was actually quite discreet and everyone seemed to like it, but I didn’t look like ME. So we had another go and I’m much happier with the more natural look – bit of shimmery eye shadow, smokey grey liner on my upper lids and my own favourite lippy. My hair will be in a loose fish bone plait, which we soon discovered was the only option – my hair does not agree with styling and any attempt at Hollywood waves soon reverted back to my usual Anna-hair that isn’t quite straight but won’t stay wavy either, no matter how good the curling iron. My hair’s got a kink in it so straightening doesn’t work either. It is what it is, but on my wedding day I do want to look a little tidier and neat, so a plait it is. Low maintenance.

Actually, looking at the make-up now, I appear to have a moustache??!?!?!?!!! Thing is, what happens if you start to wax or whatever else? I don’t want to be the bearded lady and isn’t it true that as soon as you start with any type of hair removal regime, it just encourages more hair growth? Ah well, tash or otherwise, feeling on top of the world and can’t wait to tell B ‘I dooooooooooooooooooo’!



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