Magic and bonfires

Right, so here we are – I am now B’s wife, which means the hottest man on the planet is my husband. A magical day it was too and we had our three boys with us, which made it so incredibly special – especially given the older two were our witnesses. Everything was just perfect. My best friend in the world (nickname Lopez due to her flawless butt) was flown in from Canada to surprise me – gosh, she and B played that one VERY well indeed. My ‘borrowed’ was the Tiffany bracelet I gave her years ago when she moved back to Canada and that in itself was beautiful and I shed a little tear of joy when I opened the parcel earlier in the week. When Lopez herself – my wonderful, glorious, beautiful Lopez! – walked through the door the day before the wedding I nearly fainted with joy and bawled my eyes out!

And, of course, I got to marry the great big love of my life. It all felt like a dream, still does. My life is a freakin’ fairytale! I keep wanting to pinch myself.

So many things and unforgettable moments, simply too many to list over the course of a day filled with so much love surrounded by so many of these wonderful people we’re lucky enough to call our friends and family. Alongside Bonfire Night 2004 when I was giving birth to Monkey as fireworks ripped through the London sky, it was the best day of my life. Nothing could have worked out better, it was all so perfect and beautiful. I got to marry my best friend surrounded by the people we love and I’m the happiest woman alive.




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