Horseback and harmonies

So now what? After a honeymoon to B’s native New Zealand in February, then getting hitched in London in June and celebrating with friends there, and finally rounding everything off with a wedding celebration in Sweden with more friends and family late July, are we now just supposed to be… …..married? And that’s it? Nah, I’m more than content being Mrs B without having to celebrate that fact every few weeks, but let me tell ya our Sweden break was all in the name of love.

Our friends and family had arranged a stag do for B and a hen do for me, both whole day events with lots of activities.


And it was all a nod to days gone past. It started on a quad bike on which me and M went round a route based on a map, where I had to find various things that formed part of my survival kit for the day. Then on horseback but I’ve not been on one for about 25 years so declined the let’s-go-fast-now bit. We basically did all those things us countryside chicks do – on wheels, on horseback and with guns. I’ve said it before, but I’m very proud to be a hillbilly. I grew up in the countryside and my whole childhood was very much an outdoor adventure – these things are part of my DNA. Us countryside chicks know how to rock an evening gown and attend a ball at the royal castle, but we also know how to pull up a trout and load a gun. Those city flowers don’t have a patch on us.

Our wedding celebration was just one big love bombing. The atmosphere was warm, hearty and full of love. Foxy blew everyone away as toastmadam – I always knew it’d be great but this was beyond. My girl did me more than proud. I mean, normally I’m proud as punch just getting to stand next to her for God’s sake. The food was great, the speeches were moving, there was lots of laughter, both B and I managed to correctly identify the other’s legs, I waltzed with my dad (he is amazingly good and swung me around like I was a feather) and when most people had left at 2am there was still a little group of us singing outside on top of our lungs such classics as Stuck in the Middle with You, Mustang Sally and numerous others. Just like back in the day when bossy M told me and Foxy which harmony to belt out at her command.


And our wedding celebrations finished off with yet another mini-honeymoon at a nature village a couple of hours away from where I grew up. No electricity, no running water and if you feel like you need a shower you take your shower gel and jump in the lake. But it was the BEST and again like stepping back into my childhood and scout camps. And who needs electricity or running water when you have camp fires and water from a natural spring? Not me. We switched our mobiles off for the duration – with the exception of spending half an hour on the second day walking around to take photos – and had no idea what time it was. We made scrambled eggs and pinnbröd (a simple bread for the outdoors – wrap the dough around a stick and grill over the fire) for breakfast and generally ate when we were hungry, went fishing when we felt like it (for when we might be hungry again), sat in the sauna before jumping in the lake because it wasn’t quite hot enough to be pleasant, and enjoyed a magnificent Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough on the front porch of our treehouse gazing out over the lake below and just enjoying being alive. It was pure perfection.

…..and so now here we are and as much as it’s almost bittersweet coming back down to earth after all that magic, I have to remind myself that our life has never been boring and so why should it suddenly be dull just because we’re Mr and Mrs? And as always we have things lined up during the autumn including a short break to Spain, a stand-up comedy show and visits from Sweden. I’m so grateful I’m on this awesome rollercoaster called life – nothing beats it.

Oh, and we are now booked in to get inked on Saturday 30th September – yay!


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